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Refrigerator Roll-in

Domestic spacious Roll-in refrigerator with hinged glass doors. The plinth of the roller cabinet is detached and unobstructed access to the base level of the cabinet on the roller platform. Refrigerated LED advertising light and 2-sided vertical light in the refrigerator. The refrigerator is suitable for drinks as well as for food use. The dimensions of the refrigerator have been optimized for the beverage industry for efficient use and abundant display. The coloring of the refrigerator is full black or the interior color white.

Standard equipment

  • 2 adjustable wire shelves
  • hinged glass doors
  • 2-sided LED vertical lighting
  • LED advertising light
  • openable plinth structure for filling roller pallets
  • electronic thermostat
  • cassette mechanism


  • branding
  • additional shelves (possibility to use 5 shelves)