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SMK Smart Cool wired sensor

Wired temperature sensor for the SMK Smart Cool system. The wired sensor is suitable for temperature monitoring of more challenging device models, such as closed or metal-shelled equipment. You need a separate sensor for each refrigerating device to be measured. A wired sensor placed inside the refrigerator, for example between the door, collects temperature data and they are transferred by wire to a transmitter outside the unit, which automatically transmits them to the SMK Smart Cool system. The transmitter is attached to the dock installed outside the unit with a magnet. Includes customer-specific manufacturing and customization.


  • Dock dimensions 15 x 70 x 90 mm (S, W, H)
  • Cord length 1,5 m
  • Wireless sensor works as a transmitter (magnetic attachment)
  • Color options black and white
  • 3D printed from environmentally friendly material
  • Possibility of both screw and tape attachment for the dock