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Refrigeration equipment for HoReCa professionals

kylmäkalusteet ama

Our range includes a wide variety of products for HoReCa professionals, from pastry equipment to drinks cabinets and professional kitchen refrigeration. Now you can see our new SMK Gastro range, which includes high-quality and energy-efficient refrigeration equipment that meets the GN standard for the challenging and demanding conditions in professional kitchens!

High-quality refrigeration for demanding environments

The kitchen is the chef’s workroom, where proper equipment brings efficiency and functionality. Good kitchen furniture allows for user-friendly working and builds a functional unit that is tailored to the needs of the kitchen.

The SMK Gastro range of refrigeration appliances is designed to meet the conditions and requirements of professional kitchens. The units in the range preserve the quality of raw materials or finished products at the appropriate temperatures. This way you can ensure the safety of your products and offer your customers only the best. The furniture is designed and finished with professional use and needs in mind. With the units in the collection, you can build a cohesive look for your kitchen refrigeration system, as the same style range includes refrigeration appliances for the whole kitchen, from fridges to freezers and blast chillers.

The units are made of stainless steel, a hygienic and easy to clean material for the kitchen environment. The furniture is adaptable to changing needs, e.g. with movable shelves and height-adjustable feet. An intelligent air circulation system ensures that the appliances are kept at the optimum temperature at all times. You can easilly adjust the temperature by the electronic controller.

All Gastro range units comply with the international Gastronorm dimensions, so they are seamlessly compatible with GN containers for professional kitchens.

kylmäkalusteet ammattikeittiöön

The professional kitchen furniture is made for hard use. Illustration.

ammattikeittiön kylmäkalusteissa käytetään ekologisia kylmäaineita

Environmentally friendly refrigerants are refrigerants that have little or no harm to the environment. They release 45% less CO2 than other refrigerants.

Energy efficiency through smart design

The Gastro range has been designed with smart structural choices to reduce energy consumption and be environmentally friendly. Energy efficiency is enhanced by features such as an automatic door closing mechanism and magnetic seals. In addition, a door switch on the furniture stops the fan when the door is opened. This prevents cold air from escaping from the interior of the unit, reducing heat loss and saving energy. The condensers and machinery of the equipment are designed to be maintenance-free and easy to keep clean, which contributes to the efficiency of the equipment and significantly reduces energy consumption.

Ecological refrigerants reduce the burden on the environment and with smart use of equipment and temperature control, equipment conditions can be kept optimal at all times. Almost all of our refrigeration appliances in the gastronomy range use the environmentally friendly and energy-efficient refrigerant R600A.

Freezer GCF1352X


The Gastro range of refrigerated cabinets includes both refrigerated worktops and vertical refrigerators, not to mention drinks cabinets. The SMK Gastro GCR refrigerator is a hygienic and easy-to-clean refrigerated workbench for comfortable working, with refrigerated cabinets to keep raw materials or finished products at the right temperature. The vertical model SMK Gastro GUR refrigerator is available with 1 or 2 doors and adjustable shelves.

For successful dry aging of meat, there is the professional dry aging refrigerator SMK Gastro DA. The Dry Aging refrigerator cooks meat at a low temperature that can be adjusted to within 0.1°C!

Back Bar refrigerators are a standard feature of every café, restaurant and bar as a drinks refrigerator. More drinks cabinet options can be found here.

Refrigerator GUR1400X


On the freezer side, the furniture is in the same series as the refrigerators. The SMK Gastro GCF also serves as a worktop and the SMK Gastro GUF is a traditional vertical freezer.

For fast cooling, the SMK Gastro GBC blast chiller! The cabinets allow you to rapidly chill ready-to-use hot products to either refrigeration or freezer temperature, ensuring product quality and safety.

Ethos HV

Hot and cold to serve

The Mansais a plug-in cold buffet trolley for self-service use. With Mansa you build a stylish and easy-to-move salad buffet!

Warm products can be placed on the Ethos warming shelf. Ethos is an attractive and stylish self-service warming shelf, with dimensions that make it a perfect extension to a drinks stand, for example. The efficient shelf heater heats up to +65 degrees.

wine cabinet-afw120-outlet-finnish shop furniture

Wine cabinets

Our range also includes stylish, high-quality wine cabinets. Would you prefer a slim floor model, a conveniently sized cabinet under a table top or a compact wall-mounted cabinet?

See also our pastry equipment

On the pastry furniture side, you’ll find a wide range of furniture for cafés and pastry shops – even directly from stock!

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