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Display freezers

Display freezers give you efficient use of your store space. Freezers with glass doors offer excellent product visibility and adjustable shelving. The refrigerator is versatile, suitable for packaging of different sizes. Energy-efficient freezers are available as ready-to-use appliances. The remote freezer and refrigeration units are always implemented on a store-by-store basis according to the customer’s plan.


A freezer with a glass door is a popular choice for the store

Display freezers are replacing freezer islands and more and more people are choosing a freezer cabinets instead of an island. A tall freezer with a glass door takes up less space in the store than an island. In the cabinet, the products can be displayed for sale and the wide range of products opens up to the customer's view better from the upright freezer than from the pool model. The space of the store can be used efficiently for sales with the help of a freezer cabinet. Freezer islands are also popular in stores, but remote freezer islands are designed less for new stores.

When choosing a freezer, it is good to think about the cycle time of frozen products, how much shelf space is needed for the sales furniture per product. It is a good idea to check the dimensions of the freezer to make sure they are suitable for the point of sale. Food operators should think about the packaging size of their own product and compare different models of freezers, which is best suited to the packaging of the product and that the products can be placed in plenty and functionally in the sales furniture. When choosing freezer and comparing a display freezer to a freezer island, you should also think about the storage of frozen foods. Where does the storage of frozen products take place, or does the sales furniture also serve as storage for the products at the same time?

Display freezers are available at various prices on the market. When making a purchase decision, it is good to also compare the energy consumption of the freezer, because there are huge differences between them. We are talking about up to 50% difference in electricity consumption, which means thousands of kilowatt hours per year in large units. These differences are clearly visible in the merchant's electricity bill. The new freezers are equipped with LED lights that do not produce heat inside the freezer.

A high-quality freezer is durable and energy-efficient. It is good that the shelving in the freezer can be modified according to the products. Of course, you should also remember the correct cleaning and maintenance of your plug-in freezer.

Plug-in display freezers

A plug-in freezer cabinet with glass doors is a ready-to-use freezer furniture. Plug-in freezers are available with 1-3 doors. Carrier's refrigeration equipment collection includes the Velando freezer also as a remote unit in addition to a plug-in unit. The Velando freezer is suitable for a unified refrigeration line with the refrigerated shelf Optimer Low front collection. The Optimer Low front cold shelf has a low front edge, which maximizes the sales area of the products. The Optimer Low front refrigerator is available as an open and door refrigerator. By combining these refrigeration units side by side, a unified, impressive plug-in refrigeration unit is created.

The Velando freezer is one of the most energy-efficient freezers with glass doors on the market. The cabinet can be equipped with an energy-saving package, which includes vertical LED lights in the door frames and energy-saving doors. Energy-saving fans and R290 refrigerant are standard equipment in Velando cabinets.

The single-door freezers popular in the food industry can also be found in our selections. Advertising light and impressive branding make the freezer an attractive sales unit for frozen products.

Remote display freezers

Larger sets of refrigeration equipment for stores and production facilities are implemented as remote refrigeration equipment. Remote freezers and refrigerators are built from different-sized frames of remote refrigerators, and the whole is implemented according to the customer's store plan. The technology of the refrigeration equipment is built in cooperation with the customer's refrigeration contractor.

Remote freezer frames are with 2-5 door widths. Remote freezers have deep shelves and plenty of cold space, because the machine does not take up space inside the cabinet. Remote refrigerators are also available in the same series, with a uniform appearance.

Remote store units are built with a uniform look, because the entire store's refrigeration equipment, from service counters to open cold shelves and freezers, can be found in the same style series.

Top Freezer

Carrier's popular Top Freezer is an energy-efficient plug-in freezer. The freezer is on its own L-stand and a separate freezer island is placed under the cabinet. With this combination, the lines of the store's frozen department are built next to the wall or as an island.

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