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Pastry counters

Pastry showcases for spectacular cafes from a wide selection. Cold showcases exude the atmosphere of a café. Attractive cafe display cases.

The display case is the heart of the cafe

The display case in the café tells the customer everything! By this, of course, we mean the products you serve from your cafe display case. Customers arrive at the café because of the contents of the showcase, so it is important to choose the showcase model and style that best suits your products. Our collection includes pastry showcases in many different styles: retro, traditionally atmospheric, bright, lightly frameless and elegantly elegant. What style do you want to present your product in?

With a high-quality display case selection, it signals to your customers that the products on sale are properly stored at a stable temperature. The high-quality lighting of the pastry showcase brings out the products better and the tasty colors are further emphasized. With good product lighting, the display case becomes attractive and it attracts to enjoy the products. The patisserie showcase is the centerpiece of the cafe and indeed we can say that it is the heart of the cafe.

A high-quality pastry display case lasts and works in an energy-efficient way. Of course, it is also worth remembering the proper cleaning and maintenance of display cases.

Carina confectionery showcases

ES System K is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of refrigeration equipment. Their collection includes a very versatile Carina pastry showcase collection. The Carina display case collection grows and develops in accordance with European trends, and the display case collection already offers options in many styles. The display case collection includes flat glass, curved glass and glass with a bent glass lid. Each confectionery box model exudes a different spirit in the café.

Carina confectionery display cases have grown into complete product families, so the products in the same display case series can be used to furnish the café’s service and self-service display cases. The product family also includes ice cream showcases, rotating cake showcases, bread shelves, neutral pastry showcases, countertops and hot showcases for hot pastry products. All Carina confectionery display cases can also be equipped with accessories as a chocolate display case, so that the humidity and temperature of the cold display case are just perfect for selling chocolate.

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Neutral confectionery furniture

The range of cold pastry furniture is complemented by neutral furniture, with which you can create a uniform look for your cafe according to your style. Rapa Coolers’ neutral furniture has plenty of color and size options, from which you can create an ensemble that suits your store. You can easily build a larger whole from the furniture or combine them into a complete line with other furniture.

Among the neutral patisserie furniture, you can find e.g. bread shelf SMK Bakery and table top SMK Cafeteria Steel made to order. SMK Bakery is a striking display for fresh bakery products such as bread. In our gastro collection, you can also find a comprehensive selection of high-quality refrigeration units for professional kitchens.

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