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Refrigerator Tucana 02 DG Mini

Glass-walled refrigerator for service line with own or central machine. The glass-walled structure of the cabinet showcase gives the delicacies good visibility. With a cabinet display case, you bring visibility to the service line and make great seasonal product purchases in an attractive way. From the Tucana 02 series, you assemble a service line that looks great in your store. The service glasses in the series are available with lattice equipment for fish, for self-service with low windshields, as a heating table with a water bath and as a central machine with various control systems and refrigerants.

Standard equipment

  • electronic controller
  • electric defrosting
  • three adjustable glass shelves
  • Stainless steel base level
  • glass walls
  • hinged glass doors at the back
  • digital temperature display
  • metallic buttocks
  • expansion valve
  • fan evaporator
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