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Table top SMK Cafeteria Steel, made to measure (NEW!)

Black, metallic neutral display and table top stand for bakery products. Furniture with RST surface on the top shelf. The back of the unit is open, making it easy to place items on the shelf or, thanks to the air space in the front of the finished unit, a separate back bar cabinet or microwave oven.

The furniture is also available with an optional RST tray shelf for customers.

This furniture is also easily extendable to a larger unit, extending every 10cm up to 200cm. It also goes well with our range of neutral bread furniture.

The factory also offers a wide range of other models for corner solutions, for example. Contact our sales team to tailor a table top to suit your needs!

Standard equipment

  • adjustable feet
  • black body colour
  • 7 different colours available for wood panelling to add a touch of class to your furniture


  • made to measure in 10cm increments up to 200cm
  • socket on the back of the fixture
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