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Service counter SMK Hot S (NEW!)

Very stylish service counter for warm products in a variety of colours. The unit has straight and large glass surfaces and an opening front glass. Unit sized for GN containers, available as an option. Storage space in the back with neutral shelves and RST worktop. The range also includes fish and cold showcases. Available as a plug-in or remote option.

Standard equipment

  • glass ends
  • black frame
  • led lights
  • double socket inside the unit for accessories
  • stainless steel interiors
  • stainless steel worktop
  • mechanical temperature regulator
  • height-adjustable feet
  • GN -rails for GN -containers 6 pcs
  • acrylic sliding doors at the back of the unit


  • wheels
  • granite worktop
  • PVC bumper on customer side
  • cutting board
  • GN containers
  • USB temperature recorder


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