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Service counter Tucana 02

Self- or central-powered linear flat service glass. In the cold service counter, straight glass surfaces and fan cooling. For storage use refrigerator under display area. The series also inclludes inside and outside corners. A complete and unified service line is built by combining a series of furniture.

Standard equipment

  • electric defrosting
  • electronic controller
  • the front glass opens up with gas springs
  • internal parts, storage space and stainless steel worktop
  • glass ends
  • horizontal light
  • digital temperature display
  • metallic buttocks
  • expansion valve
  • fan evaporator

The Tucana 02 service line is part of the series

  • refrigerated glassware with its own or central machine
  • refrigerated counters with ice equipment for fish
  • refrigerator glass for service use
  • self-service glass with low front glass
  • heating counters with water bath
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