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Stylish and functional display stand for bakery products

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The successful sale of food often depends not only on its price and quality, but also on its correct presentation. This is particularly true for unpackaged products such as bakery products. Fresh breads and buns attract customers not only by their smell, but also by their appearance. It is therefore very important to think about where and how to present them to the customer. The aesthetic presentation of your bakery range has a significant impact on purchasing decisions, so it pays to invest in a stylish and functional bakery shelf.

Simple and functional

The SMK Bakery bread shelf is simple and minimalist in form and blends effortlessly into any environment. With colour and size options, you can choose the shelf that matches the rest of your interior and furniture. SMK Bakery is suitable for both classic and modern interiors.

SMK Bakery has only been in our range for a short time, but it has already attracted considerable interest from our customers! In the autumn, we were able to implement, for example. Caffitella’s bakery shop revamp with this product – see the photo below and read the customer story here!

Leipähylly Caffitellassa

A bread shelf in Caffitella’s new bakery shop in Jyväskylä.

The understated charm of natural materials

The Finnish saying “the table setting is half the food” also applies to grocery shopping. For an eye-catching and attractive display, the SMK Bakery bread shelf is made of natural beech. This not only creates a wonderful visual effect, but also ensures that the bread stays in the right conditions.

Convenient solutions

In the case of unpackaged bakery products, taking care of strict hygiene is paramount. Bakery furniture must therefore be easy to clean. The design of SMK Bakery enables easy and efficient cleaning, because the crumbs do not remain on the wooden surface shelves, but drip into the pull-out metal crumb tray at the bottom of the furniture. The convenient crumb tray is easy to empty even several times a day. To increase ease of use, the shelves of the furniture are installed at a slight angle. Acrylic doors, wooden product dividers and wheels are available as accessories for the shelf.

Perfect product visibility

A stylish and high-quality bakery shelf highlights the characteristics of the products for sale in the best way. One of the most important elements of good sales furniture is lighting. Each shelf of SMK Bakery has energy-efficient, natural-colored LED lighting optimized for bakery products, which beautifully showcases the fresh products. There is a mirror at the top of the furniture, which creates an impression of abundance. The prices of the products can be conveniently displayed in the price lists on the shelves.

Your choice, your colour

The undoubted advantage of our new bread shelves is that you can choose the frame profile and the colour of the wood panelling from no less than 19 different options, which can also be combined with different parts of the furniture. This gives you the freedom to match the shelves to any interior and create a harmonious whole with your other interior elements.

Plenty of space for your products

The SMK Bakery bread rack is available in up to eight different widths and two depths, so you can choose the size that suits you best. The furniture can also be easily expanded into a larger shelving unit or as part of an existing structure.

SMK Bakery is a neutral bakery display stand that fits in any space.

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