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We receive and store all equipment for sale at our Jyväskylä office. We deliver the equipment to our customers only after careful and professional inspection work. This is how we ensure that the device ordered by the customer works as it should.

We always deliver the equipment properly packed and protected on pallets. This minimizes transport damage.

In cooperation with e.g. With Suomen Kaukokiito Oy, refrigeration equipment will be delivered within 1-2 working days of ordering or when the equipment arrives at our warehouse.

It is also possible to get all the refrigeration equipment we sell installed. Our own installers always install the equipment while listening to the customer with great professionalism and pride. We are also assisted by an extensive cooperation network. Be sure to ask for an offer from the installation service when ordering!

During the warranty period, we service the equipment with the professional skills brought by long and varied experience in Jyväskylä or elsewhere in Finland with the help of our extensive network in the refrigeration industry. And if the warranty period has already expired, we will help you find the right service for your device.

Our professional dealers will also guide you in choosing the right accessories and spare parts.

Take contact to maintenance

Delivery inspection of refrigeration units:

  • condition inspection and, if necessary, repair of the transport packaging
  • condition inspection of unit e.g. for transport damage
  • inspection of the functionality of the unit e.g. with 24h temperature monitoring
  • manuals, etc. adding instructions and temperature reports as part of the delivery package

Did your refrigeration unit break down?

We deliver new refrigeration equipment quickly from our stock selection.

General warranty conditions

Read the general warranty conditions issued by Suomen myymäläkaluste.

General Delivery and Warranty Conditions



Maintenance and refrigeration technology

020 719 1177

Specialist in self-powered refrigeration equipment. Responsible for testing refrigeration equipment and temperature monitoring before delivery. Over the years, the technical knowledge of our range of refrigeration equipment has grown to the highest level.



Electrotechnical expert

020 719 1173

A service team with a service-minded and versatile problem-solving ability. An electrotechnical expert specializing in pick-up box technology. Wireless Temperature Monitoring System Expert.