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Multidecks with glassdoors

The energy-efficient refrigerator with glass door is an excellent choice for refreshments and food. The stylish appearance of the refrigerator and the functional lighting make the presentation of the products look valuable, effectively promoting sales. Glass-walled refrigerators can be combined with a service line and are easily filled with, for example, cheese or dried meat. We deliver stock models quickly in 1-3 business days. Refrigerators are also available in branded according to your wishes.


Popular multidecks with glassdoors

A cooler with a glassdoor can be found in every grocery store, in a coffee shop as a back bar cabinet under the counter, at a hotel breakfast table as a table cooler, at parties as a drinks cabinet, at gas stations for cold refreshments, as cash register furniture in sports shops, in lunch cafes for packed salad portions and baguettes. The glass door cabinet is a popular refrigerator for refreshments and food, regardless of industry. And that's a good thing, because a refrigerator with a glass door is a good and energy-efficient solution. The refrigerators are made even more visual and the products for sale are prominently displayed in the cabinets. When purchasing a refrigerator, you can already choose which style of cabinet you want for your products. Traditional drink cabinets have been developed to be temperature-stable, so several models are also suitable for selling food.

Plug-in refrigerators are available in many sizes and in many styles. We proudly present our product range of domestic Aste Finland refrigerators, which exude quality and design. Aste Finland's cooler cabinets and their other refrigerators are well-known in stores all over the country and today also widely in Europe. We stock Aste's most models of refrigeration equipment, and the delivery time for stock products is only 1-3 working days from the order.

In the service line, it is possible to combine attractive glass-walled refrigerators with the service glass. In these cabinet-style cold display cases, you can show off the delicacy products of the service line and put together an atmosphere to elevate impressive cheese slices or air-dried meat with accompanying products.


Domestic Celit refrigerators

Aste Finland manufactures stylish and energy-efficient plug-in refrigerators for professional use, of which the Celit product family is one of the most well-known. The cabinet is available in widths of 60 - 87 - 120 cm and a slim 40 cm cold cabinet. The domestic Celit refrigerators are elegantly designed and the cabinets have efficient 2-sided LED lighting in addition to the LED advertising light. Celit cabinets have natural refrigerants and a cassette mechanism. Due to their temperature range and stability, Celit refrigerators are also suitable for food.

We have Celit refrigerators as stock products and the color for the stock models is stylish all black. Thanks to the good light output, the products stand out from the black background. Celit refrigerators have good branding opportunities, and the cabinet is a popular piece of furniture in the food industry at sales points in the field. The manufacturer is constantly developing its refrigerators to be more energy efficient, and the hinged and sliding doors of Aste Finland's refrigerators can withstand heavy use.


Refrigerators with doors

Larger sets of refrigeration equipment for stores and production facilities are implemented as remote refrigeration equipment. Remote refrigeration equipment is built in the store from different-sized frames of refrigeration equipment models, and the whole is implemented according to the customer's store plan. The technology of the refrigeration equipment is built in cooperation with the customer's refrigeration contractor.

The remote cold cabinet frames are 2-5 door wide. Remote refrigerators have deep shelves and plenty of cold space, because the machine does not take up space inside the cabinet. Remote freezers are also available in the same series, with a uniform appearance.

Remote store units are built with a uniform look, because the entire store's refrigeration equipment, from service counters to open cold shelves and freezers, can be found in the same style series.

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