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Impulse freezers

Freezer as a middle floor unit, a shelf end unit or an impulse buy island for the cash register area? Our selection includes plenty of freezer and multi-purpose islands for different uses, for different temperature ranges. The energy efficiency of a high-quality freezer is top-class and the product has a long life cycle. The plug-in freezers are easy to move as the season changes, and the remote freezers build spectacular island complexes in the store.


Freezers for stores and the food industry

Our selection includes a rich collection of pool-style cold untis for different uses, in different temperature ranges. A cold island with a plus temperature - a freezer island with a freezing temperature and a multipurpose island with a temperature that can be selected for cooling or freezing depending on the purpose of use. The plug-in cold islands are suitable for end-of-shelf furniture, middle-floor furniture, an impulse cooler for the checkout area, a bulk pool for sales seasons, an island combination for stores and sales untis for the food industry. It is easy to add plug-in cold pools to the store in addition to remote refrigeration equipment, and it is easy to move the islands around the store according to the season. In the island, the product is selected from the top, so different products come out well in the selection situation. Nowadays, most of the island models are with glass walls, where the products are visible from both the side and the top of the island, and product visibility in itself attracts people to the products. As ice cream sales equipment, we recommend a freezer island, so that when even a small customer chooses ice cream, the cold air does not escape from the pool-shaped refrigerator, but the ice creams are at a stable temperature in the unit.

The remote freezers have a spectacular design and stylish glass surfaces. Product visibility is good in these large island combinations when the units form one large cold room and if the unit glazing is on the entire depth of the display area. Freezer combinations are built from remote frames by combining them into impressive islands. Remote freezers are also energy efficient thanks to their covers.

A high-quality freezer lasts a long time and works energy-efficiently. Of course, it's also worth remembering the correct cleaning and maintenance of plug-in refrigerators.

Calypso 02 multifunctional island

Calypso 02 islands from ES System K's refrigeration equipment collection have been a popular plug-in island model in Finland. The island is a favorite of retail chains for many different reasons. You can build impressive wholes for the store from the island and they are well suited for promotional and seasonal products, for example. The Calypso 02 island is available as a cold pool and a multi-purpose pool, where the temperature can be adjusted to cooling or freezing. A multipurpose island is a long-term investment and it can be used for many purposes as the seasons change. The glass-covered island also brings energy savings to the store.

Premor freezer and multifunctional islands

An impressive glass-walled and glass-lid freezer Premor from Carrier's selection of plug-in refrigeration equipment. The bright freezer brings out the products spectacularly thanks to the efficient LED lighting and the high glass wall of the entire product area. Carrier has developed this island model to be very energy efficient, and it is in the top places in terms of energy efficiency among island models with glass walls. The Premor island is available as a simple freezer or as a multi-purpose island, where the temperature can be adjusted to cooling or freezing.

The Premor freezer island has been specially developed as an ice cream island and this island model is a popular ice cream pool throughout Europe. A transparent acrylic compartment is available for the unit, so the different ice cream flavors are visibly separated and the products stay organized. The Premor island is very stable in temperature, so that the delicate ice cream products remain of high quality. The island is available with eye-catching branding and an advertising light as an accessory.

Are you considering different options? We will help you in your choice.