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Are you planning to build an elegant service line in a store or choose pastry showcases for a café? Our professional salesmen will help you find the right model of refrigeration equipment to suit your needs from our high-quality and versatile range of refrigeration equipment.

In addition to individual equipment purchases, we are also happy to assist in the planning and implementation of larger store changes. In addition to the self-contained range, we can implement equipment and store packages with centralized refrigeration solutions. We also solve the equipment and service needs of food operators comprehensively in the blink of an eye.

We will look for workable solutions for your needs

Our principals have a comprehensive range of refrigeration equipment for professional use, and our range is regularly supplemented with spectacular innovations, the features of which are trained by the manufacturer. Equipment product development and energy efficiency are top notch. We know the temperature requirements of food and find suitable equipment for different product groups and sales items according to product packaging. In planning, we always take into account refrigeration technical issues as well as the latest regulations for refrigeration equipment. We want the refrigeration equipment you choose to serve you and your customers in the best possible way.

In addition to a wide range, you will receive personal service and guidance from us on the use of refrigeration equipment, as well as ideas for increasing sales with cost-effective and attractive refrigeration equipment. The life cycle of our energy-efficient products is long and we strive for the same throughout the duration of customer relationships. We have succeeded well in that, so come and serve us too!

Urgent need for a refrigeration unit?

We deliver new plug-in refrigeration equipment from our stock selection of more than 50 equipment models on a fast schedule, up to 2-3 days. You can also get a leasing offer for your purchases from our sales service, so you can decide for yourself how you want to complete your purchase.

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Teemu Lahtinen Suomen myymäläkaluste toimitusjohtaja

The leader of our orchestra, who finds equipment solutions according to the customer’s needs. Specializes in designing new and transformation sites for stores as well as project sales with services.

Sami Juutilainen Suomen myymäläkaluste myyntipäällikkö

Consumer goods trade expert with experience also in the world of restaurants and catering. Responsible for the sales and development of our company, also participating in project planning. Pillar of corporate management.

Juha Hellman Suomen myymäläkaluste tuotantopäällikkö


Production Manager, Sales

020 719 1174

An expert in our range of refrigeration equipment. Serves customer-oriented and finds suitable refrigeration equipment models for the customer. Responsible for the smoothness of our production.

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    An expert at your service

    Book free personal consultation time to plan and help with your refrigeration equipment purchases. Our experts will help you find a solution to the busy topics of refrigeration. With consultation appointment, you can tell us about your upcoming project / needs and our salespeople will return with the solution that best serves you.

    The remote meeting is an opportunity to share floor plans, plans and demonstrations of refrigeration models via the screen. You can book an expert appointment by emailing us.

    You can also book an expert visit to your store, call and make an appointment tel. 0207191170