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Refrigerated units without a large one-time investment

It is not always sensible or even financially possible to buy equipment to yourself. With leasing financing, you get the same equipment without collateral and you can deduct leasing costs in full for tax purposes. Ask us for affordable leasing financing for your equipment purchases.

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What is Leasing?

The leasing agreement is concluded for a period of 12-60 months desired by the customer. From the leasing offer, you will receive an equal installment per month, which will be charged in 3-month installments. The equipment is the property of the financial institution for the duration of the lease and is leased to the customer. The lease expense is distributed in equal installments throughout the contract period and appears as a rental expense in the company’s income statement.

We contact the customer 1 month before the end of the leasing agreement and offer options at the end of the agreement. The options are:

  1. The customer can redeem the equipment of the contract or part of it at the redemption price determined at the time of concluding the contract. By paying the redemption price, the equipment is transferred to the customer’s ownership.
  2. We can continue to rent the equipment under a new leasing agreement.
  3. The equipment will be returned to the seller and at the same time we can deliver new equipment under a new leasing agreement, for example.

Option 3 is popular, for example, with contracts for confectionery display cases, where the café updates its new look, with new fresh display cases, in line with the latest trends at certain intervals without large one-time investments. Stores also update their equipment base according to the customer’s purchasing behavior. Leasing is a great solution to upgrade the equipment base to the best service for customers.

An example of our leasing service

Lumio 145 multi-purpose island with R290 refrigerant with a rental period of 36 months as follows:

Equipment rent / month 157,11 € (includes equipment insurance)
Invoicing in 3-month installments / invoicing surcharge 0 €
The opening fee of the contract is 0 €. Redemption price after the contract period € 102.25.

Prices VAT 0%. Requires a positive decision by a financial institution.

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Café Starter Pack from 220 € / month

For the founder of a Café Starter Pack refrigeration equipment with a 36-month leasing agreement:

For the café’s Starter Pack, we have chosen a café display case for confectionery products, cold-shelf for drinks and deli products, a compact freezer for ice cream and a back bar glass cabinet. Creating or renovating a café with this high-quality plug-in refrigeration package is the beginning of a success story.

Store Starter Pack from 498 € / month

Starter pack for plug-in refrigeration equipment with a 36-month leasing agreement:

For the store’s Starter Pack, we have selected narrow SLIM furniture from our selection, which makes the complete set of equipment suitable for even a small space. By combining the series, the refrigeration units form a unified line. With this compact refrigeration package, your store gets to the beginning of a success story.

Build your own starter kit

Leasing is a flexible option for purchasing furniture. What kind of acquisition do you have ahead of you? Could leasing be also your choice?

The leasing option does not burden cash equivalents at once, but the expense is spread over the lease period in 12-60 months. At the end of the leasing period, the equipment can be redeemed, continued in a new leasing period or the equipment can be returned to the seller. This is a popular way to update the showcase of a café, for example, with a fresh new model in the rhythm of leasing agreements.

Which equipment purchases do you have? Contact us to find the most suitable solution for you.

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