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Increase the visibility of your campaign?

You will receive high-quality and professionally executed branding of refrigerated furniture from us. We also sell a lot of furniture to the food industry and importers, and we want to offer you much more than just a product. A high-quality refrigeration unit with impressive branding effectively increases the visibility and sales of product campaigns.

We carry out branding for furniture, advertising light, advertising arches and cardboard branding according to your concept. The furniture models in our range are long-lasting refrigeration equipment, so the solution for several product launches can be found again with our branding service. In connection with re-branding, we can service the appliance, so that the refrigeration appliance is always at its best to meet the end customer.

We also have our own paint shop, where we can renovate our customers’ old equipment to a completely new paint surface. If necessary, we can also paint new furniture in the special colors desired by the customer.

Brändätty Avo Harmony -kylmähylly

What kind of product are you looking for more visibility through branding?

Let us help you find the most suitable sales furniture for your product.

Cold pools get spectacular branding on the stand and the glass walls make the products stand out well. Branding of advertising light can also enhance the visibility of the pool. Excitation pools are available with open or covered, cold and freezer pools. For example, we recommend Lumio Multipurpose Pool, Subster SR100 Cold Pool, Premor 1080G Freezer Pool .

Open refrigerated shelves are popular promotional furniture with excellent product visibility. Cold shelves can be found with advertising light, but branding can also be done spectacularly on the end glasses. Shelf talkers also create a brand image created in the furniture. Open cold shelves make good sales results! We recommend, for example, the cold shelf Avo Harmony 145-87 , the cold shelf Subster SR150 , the cold shelf AVO STD G.

Refrigerators with glass doors draw a large number of products and are especially popular as furniture for brewing products and refreshments. The branding is done on the sides of the furniture as well as the advertising light, and the lifts can also be made spectacularly on the glass door. Popular sales cabinets for refrigerators, eg Celit MDC Pro refrigerator , SD 217 BE refrigerator, SF 217 BE freezer or KF870 freezer

High-quality branding gives space to the products themselves, and thanks to the stylish glass walls, the product can shine with branding.

Branded refrigeration equipment and furniture

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