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Flower coolers

In the selection of cut flower furniture, you will find refrigeration equipment models designed for different flower sizes and different quantities of flowers. Cut flowers delight customers with eye-catching, well-lit and even-warm floral furniture from which they can be easily purchased. In the floral furniture you will find open-cold shelves that suit your needs, as well as floral refrigerators with doors.


Durable cut flowers

For the customer, cut flowers are an indulgence in everyday life, and more and more amazing cut flower arrangements can be found in the sales furniture. When making a purchase decision, the customer hopes and trusts that the colors of the flowers will please them for a long time to come. Cut flowers are a very sensitive product to temperature and air blowing. That's why it's important to choose a cooler, cold shelf or cabinet designed for cut flowers as sales furniture. In addition, the lighting of the cut flower furniture must be of high quality and optimal for the colors of the flowers.

Cut flower units are available in many sizes, suitable for different flower sizes, and refrigeration models designed for different amounts of flowers. The glazing of the flower refrigerators with doors is made spectacularly, so that the flowers are attracted to you from different directions.

Celit FL flower cooler

Flower refrigerator Celit MDC120 FL with adjustable shelves made by domestic Aste Finland. The shelves have holes for cut flower containers. Showy hinged glass doors with full glass surface. 2-sided efficient vertical LED lighting in the door frames. Flat light advertisement with led lights. The flower cabinet has partial glass ends, so the colors of the flowers can also be seen from the sides of the cabinet. Cassette machine and organic refrigerants in the cabinet. The flowers stand out in a dignified way from the black interior color thanks to the 2-sided light output.

Combination cold shelf Deli & flower

Adapting to the seasons in a small store is challenging due to the lack of space. There would be flower sales moments during flower seasons, but there is no space in the store for cut flower furniture. Together with the refrigeration equipment manufacturer ES System K, we have developed the combination furniture Scorpion 02 Deli- & flower cold shelf. The cold shelf has 3 levels for soft drinks and deli products, but the furniture also comes with cut flower shelves, so just by changing the shelves, the same cold shelf can be transformed into a cut flower cooler.

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