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Refrigerated cabinets for food from a wide selection. Open refrigerated shelves and energy-efficient refrigerated door shelves for the store as self-propelled and centrally machined.

Refrigerators with doors

Plug-in and remote refrigeration units have moved from open cold shelves to energy-efficient cold shelves with doors. In addition to environmental values, the covering of refrigeration equipment keeps the products at a stable temperature, and the covering also makes shopping comfortable when it is not too cold in the store, but the cold stays in the furniture behind the doors. Refrigerator doors have also developed a lot and today they are energy efficient, frameless, easy to use and the door surfaces have been refined to be durable and even non-reflective. When doors for refrigerators became more common, it was considered whether doors affect commerciality, but today we can already see the opposite commercial effect: customers value energy efficiency and environmental values and are happy to choose a place of purchase where these issues are also taken into account.

Of course, there are product groups in stores where you want to get in touch with the products before making a purchase decision, and you want to place such products, such as fruit and vegetable products, on open cold shelves. The temperature of the fruit and vegetable furniture also does not have to be very low, so the energy consumption is not as high as, for example, in cold furniture for meat products. An open cold shelf is also often chosen as end-of-shelf furniture, so that the covering does not take up space in the store's main aisles.

The doors of the refrigerators have brought challenges to small stores, where the already narrow aisles would have to find space for doors that open. This has led to a change front for small stores, where the placement of refrigeration equipment is thought out to suit the changed needs. Many small stores are implemented with plug-in refrigeration equipment, from which you can find device models and product families suitable for a small store in terms of dimensions for a unified store.

Adaptable cold shelves

Plug-in cold shelves can be found in a selection of many sizes, suitable for many purposes. The plug-in refrigeration equipment complements the remote refrigeration equipment of a larger supermarket, as the selection includes end-of-shelf furniture, impulse buy furniture, bulk furniture, cash register refrigerators and impressive island units. Many times, you also want to highlight the delicacy products of the store's selection in a showy and valuable way on plug-in sales furniture. Thanks to their plug-in refrigeration equipment solutions, they can be easily modified and moved according to the seasons. When purchasing a cold shelf, it is good to start with which products the cold shelf is coming for, i.e. in which temperature range the device must operate. After that, you should think about your wishes in terms of sizing and whether there are other requirements for the device.

Plug-in refrigeration equipment have developed in a more energy-efficient direction, and manufacturers invest a lot in product development. Refrigeration equipment purchases are big purchases, and a high-quality refrigeration equipment lasts a long time and works energy-efficiently throughout its life cycle. The device user should also remember the proper cleaning and maintenance of refrigerators.

Open cold shelves

Our selection of open cold shelves consists of high-quality and attractive cold shelf models. Our selection includes many cold shelves for different product groups and for different purposes. The open, small-space slim cold shelves are popular end-of-shelf furniture for Grab & Go-type product groups.

The open cold shelf Optimer L in the picture is from Carrier's range of plug-in refrigeration equipment and it is suitable for a unified line with the Optimer LG with doors in the picture next to it, as well as with the freezer Velando. This set of furniture has been developed as a plug-in refrigeration equipment collection for a small store. Despite being a plug-in, the cold shelf has a large product sales area thanks to the low front edge of the cold shelf. Thanks to the efficient vertical and horizontal LED lighting of the cold shelf, the products are displayed spectacularly.

Our selection also includes the popular Areor product family, where you can find the popular cold shelves with a cold pool. You can see wonderful islands in the meat and cheese sections of the stores from the Areor ST cold shelves.

From the domestic manufacturer, Aste Finland, we have a wide selection of attractive cold shelves in our selection, which are familiar to every shopkeeper as popular sales furniture in the food industry. Aste Finland's cold shelves have maintenance-free condensers, so this also supports the ease of managing the equipment stock with such a feature in the field, when you don't have to worry about cleaning the condensers regularly.

Cold shelves with doors

Our selection includes one of the most energy-efficient cold shelves on the market: the Optimer low front with doors from Carrier. This refrigerator model has been awarded in 2017 as the winner of the ProCold Product Competition, in the series Most energy efficient product in Europe.

The standard equipment of the Optimer LG refrigerator is efficient LED lights as top horizontal light and vertical lights in the door frames, energy-saving fans, R290 refrigerant and high-quality glass doors with light frames. The heat output of a refrigerator with doors to the store is lower than that of open refrigerated shelves, and thus also has less impact on the store's load, for example on hot summer days, when cooling the store comes into question again.

There are many types of cold shelves with doors on the market, and there are huge differences in energy consumption even in cold shelves with doors. So the doors alone do not promise that you are making an energy-efficient investment. It is always good to ask the seller for energy consumption and to compare the energy consumption of refrigeration equipment before making a purchase decision.

We help you choose a suitable cold shelf