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Refrigerated furniture for temporary use

Do you need refrigerated furniture for a product launch or sales campaign? You don’t necessarily need to buy a large amount of new equipment right away, we can help you complete your project risk-free and without a large financial investment with our rental equipment.

For example, we rent refrigerated and freezer equipment to food operators and retail chains in the quantities you need for the duration of your campaign. We are involved in building product launches and various sales campaigns.

Through our rental service, we help you choose the most suitable refrigeration equipment models and items to increase the sales of new or promotional products. In our rental selection, you will find high-quality freezers, cold shelves and refrigerators, and if necessary, we will also supply larger items for your use. Renting equipment through us is quick and easy!

For example, we have a good range of refrigeration equipment for flowers, drinks, refreshments and food for your wake-up sales.

The most popular rental vehicles:

Ask our sales staff for more information about rental furniture to suit your needs!

Fazer leipomohylly

Make a spectacular product presentation risk-free with rental equipment!

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Branding is a sure way to stand out

A successful product launch requires not only a good product but also good visibility for the product. Our rental furniture has impressive and versatile branding possibilities and through our branding service we can get your rental furniture branded according to your concept and ready to use, quickly delivered to the agreed point of sale.

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Branding for our clients

Longer-term need

for refrigeration appliances?

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