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Service counters

With high-quality service counters, an impressive service line will be built in the grocery store. The large glass surfaces, design and lighting of the service counters bring out the products spectacularly, and together with the personal service, the service line enables a successful customer experience in the store. Check out our versatile range of plug-in and remote service counters.


An impressive service line attracts to visit again

Your store's service line tells a lot to the customer! Today, stores want to stand out from each other and stay in the customer's mind with a pleasant and personal experience. The service line of the stores is one of grocery store's most important opportunities to stay in the customer's mind. In addition to good service and high-quality products, the refrigeration equipment at the service point has a great impact on the customer experience. The starting point of the service counter is to highlight high-quality products in a spectacular way, with impressive glass surfaces, design and lighting. Service counters are available in many styles, but the most important customer criteria has become that the refrigerators look high-quality, the products are consistently at the right temperature, and the refrigerators are clean and hygienic. When these basic things are in order, we can also offer spectacular special units to raise the service level and the atmosphere of the service market.

Plug-in service counters

ES System K is one of Europe's largest refrigeration equipment manufacturers. In their collection, you can find a very versatile service counter collection that offers many possibilities. The collection is growing and developing in line with European trends, and there are already options for many styles. There are service counters with flat lids, curved glasses and the most modern refrigerated counters with bent glass lids. Each counter model exudes a different spirit to the service point

The service counter models have grown into a product family, so products from the same counter series can be used to furnish the store's service and self-service counters. The product family also includes fish counters with ice equipment, attractive corner pieces and warming tables.

Remote service counters

The service line units for larger market-sized stores are implemented as remote refrigeration units. Remote refrigeration equipment is built in the store from different-sized frames of refrigeration equipment models, and the whole is implemented according to the customer's store plan. The technology of the refrigeration equipment is built in cooperation with the customer's refrigeration contractor.

Remote service counter frames are available in many widths, and the counter sets are also available with attractive outer and inner corners. In the same series, with a uniform appearance, there are also fish counters with a ice equipment, self-service counters and warming tables.

Heating tables for the service line

Remote service counters can be equipped with a gn-sized heating table. This way, you can also get a service counter for hot products from the same set of service counters in your service line. The water bath heating table does not dry the products, but the hot products remain of high quality at the service counter. A unified service line gives your store a finished look.

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