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SMK Smart Cool® wireless sensor

Wireless temperature sensor for the SMK Smart Cool® system. You need a separate sensor for each refrigerating device to be measured. The sensor installed in the refrigerator collects temperature data and sends it automatically and wirelessly to the SMK Smart Cool® system, where you can monitor the data in graphic form. Includes customer-specific manufacturing and customization.


  • Dimensions 28 x 40 x 57 mm (H, W, D)
  • Magnetic attachment
  • Long operating time
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Range up to 80 m
  • Operating temperature/measuring range -40°C…+40°C
  • Resolution ±0.1°C and accuracy ±1°C
  • Measurement interval 20 min
  • Battery changes are included in the monthly fee
  • Thermal sensor inside the case
  • Dust and splash proof (IP65)
  • The color options are black, white and orange
  • Support for wired temperature sensor
  • 3D printed from eco-friendly material