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SMK Smart Cool

SMK Smart Cool collects measurement data from the sensor installed in the refrigerator and sends them wirelessly to the monitoring system. The system has simple report templates that allow you to view the data from the heat sensors in a graphic format for the period of your choice. You will receive an email alert if the temperatures of the measurement target exceed the alarm limits you set yourself.

SMK Smart Cool stores the tracking information in the system, which facilitates e.g. official control, because you can also show temperature data retroactively. The data is stored in the system for one year. In addition, you will receive an e-mail alert if the temperatures of the measurement object exceed the self-set alarm limits. Using the tracking system is easy both with a browser and a mobile application. You will receive comprehensive training on how to use the system from us, and in case of problems, customer support will help you!

The easy-to-use SMK Smart Cool can be used for many purposes. We especially recommend it for small stores and small café and restaurant operators to support self-monitoring. We always customize the service package according to the needs of your company. The installation of the hardware itself can be done cost-effectively with the help of our remote support, or we take care of everything for you on a turnkey basis.

SMK Smart Cool is a product developed by Suomen myymäläkaluste with EU support.

Ask for an offer for a package tailored to you!


  • The easiest, clearest and most affordable on the market
  • Facilitates self-monitoring
  • Improves food safety
  • Ensures food quality and reduces the risk of wastage
  • Enables the optimization of equipment use and the prediction of equipment failures
  • Data in real time and retroactively for a year
  • Easy installation and expandability later as needed

To whom?

  • Cafes and pastry shops
  • Restaurants
  • Foodservice
  • Small shops
  • Kiosks
  • Service stations
  • For everyone covered by self-monitoring


  • Fully automatic and continuous measurement
  • Completely wireless data transfer via a WLAN network
  • Automatic temperature alarms via email
  • Self-adjusting device-specific alarm limits
  • Easy to use browser based monitoring system
  • Free mobile app
  • The possibility of wired measurement in challenging device types with an accessory
  • Several color options
  • SMK Smart Cool products: wireless sensor, wired sensor, base station
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