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Pastry showcase Limicola

Plug-in stylish, straight-glass cooler. The elegant design presents the products in a high-quality and eye-catching way. Several different unit sets are available to create a very impressive café display unit. Also available as a remote version.

Standard equipment

  • electronic controller
  • electric defrosting
  • three adjustable glass shelves
  • LED horizontal lighting and vertical lighting
  • thermal glasses with black screen printing
  • black thermal glass sliding doors at the back
  • gas spring opening front glass for cleaning, electric lock
  • painted straight metallic underlinings on the sides and front
  • waterproof bottom level


  • shaped mdf underlining on the sides and front
  • Stainless steel base level
  • hygrostate for the sale of chocolate
  • neutral unit without cooling
  • 45 degree angle bracket
  • a cash desk matching the same furniture set