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Pastry showcase Julia (NEW!)

Plug-in straight glass pastry display case. The height-adjustable glass shelves of the showcase allow the products to be displayed to the maximum extent. Vertical and horizontal LED lights in the confectionery showcase. In the lower part of the showcase, you can get more than 20 different wood grain imitations, which can be used to further increase the appearance of the furniture and create a unique appearance.

Standard equipment

  • electronic controller
  • electric defrosting
  • straight and openable front glass with black silk print
  • thermal glasses with black silk-screen printing on the sides
  • sliding doors made of thermal glass at the back
  • three adjustable glass shelves
  • vertical and horizontal LED lights
  • black or white mdf lower paneling for the sides according to the general color of the furniture
  • mdf lower paneling in front, color pattern according to choice
  • water-resistant stainless steel base


  • wheels under the unit
  • neutral unit without cooling
  • external 2-part socket on the seller’s side