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Flower cooler SMK Flower

Impressive and representative floral refrigerator for even the most demanding tastes with full glass walls and sliding doors. The furniture has 3 fixed and height adjustable shelves. Flower beds of different heights are available at the bottom of the furniture to accentuate the display. Efficient LED lighting in the corners and top of the furniture. Plenty of equipment possibilities. Color black. Available in six different lengths.

Alternatively, mirrors are available for the furniture to replace the side and / or rear windows. In addition, the panoramic glass can be interchanged with another sliding door set, making the furniture double-sided and a spectacular room divider or centre floor furniture. Can also be used with the R452a remote system as an optional extra, if required.

Standard equipment

  • black unit and fittings
  • sliding doors
  • adjustable shelves 3 levels
  • 1 piece 40cm and 1 piece 20cm “flower vase”
  • LED lighting
  • wheels
  • electronic thermostat
  • full glass
  • automatic defrost


  • branding
  • roster furniture version, incl. all parts
  • adjustable feet
  • hole shelves for flower buckets
  • mirrors for side and rear walls
  • the rear wall can be replaced by a sliding door
  • lock on the door
  • additional shelf
  • “design shelves” with wire rope fastenings
  • 20cm, 40cm or 60cm “flowerpot”
  • pollen filter for machinery
  • R452a pressure relief valve for remote system
  • USB temperature recorder