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Stylish and functional display stand for bakery products

The successful sale of food often depends not only on its price and quality, but also on its correct presentation. This is particularly true for…

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Kylmälaitteiden digitalisointi älyllisillä ominaisuuksilla

Digitalisation of refrigeration appliances with smart features

We want to be actively involved in the world and in technological developments. In addition to appliance sales, we want to take our business to…

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kylmäkalusteet ama

Refrigeration equipment for HoReCa professionals

Our range includes a wide variety of products for HoReCa professionals, from pastry equipment to drinks cabinets and professional kitchen refrigeration. Now you can see…

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Flower cooler for the best florists

More and more people are also buying cut flowers for their own pleasure and as a small everyday treat. Especially with the darkness of autumn…

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