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Blast chiller Beata

The energy-efficient roster blast chiller Beata, in whose GN-sized cabinets, the finished hot products can be quick-cooled to either refrigerator or freezer temperature very quickly. With the help of the blast chiller, you take care of the quality and safety of the product in an appropriate way.

The rounded edges of the unit allow for more comfortable cleaning without difficulty. The maintenance-free and specially designed condenser prevents the formation of dust and dirt. This makes it easy to keep the cabinet clean and thus significantly reduces energy consumption. Energy efficiency is also increased by the automatic door closing mechanism and magnetic seals.

An intelligent air circulation system ensures their optimal temperature at all times. The furniture door switch stops the fan when the door is opened. In this way, cold air cannot escape from the interior of the furniture, which saves energy.

The evaporator of the unit is corrosion protected.

The cabinet is equipped with an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient R452a refrigerant.

Standard equipment

  • electronic controller
  • fan cooling
  • the handle of the hinged doors is interchangeable
  • digital temperature display
  • self-closing doors
  • separate temperature monitoring option for refrigerated products