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Cold shelf Camus 66.207 with glass doors

Plug-in and energy efficient class A slim refrigerator with glass door and low front edge. 5 adjustable shelves with a depth of 400 mm (top shelf 360 mm). The glass ends of the refrigerated shelves give good visibility of the products. Glass doors bring energy efficiency to the use of the appliance. Door width selectable either 300 mm or 600 mm. Thanks to the narrow doors and the depth of the furniture, it can fit into even the smallest spaces. Also becoming available without doors.

The unit is equipped with an inverter compressor that provides a rapid cooling effect and reaches the desired temperature within a short time after starting the unit. The inverter makes it possible to reduce the required compressor capacity and thus significantly reduce energy consumption. This type of compressor provides much less noise than a conventional compressor. In addition, the compressor is powered by direct current, which makes it more efficient than an AC compressor.


Standard equipment

  • electronic, new generation Smart Shop controller
  • energy saving fans
  • inverter compressor
  • glass ends
  • glass doors, width selectable either 300 mm or 600 mm
  • 5 adjustable shelves with price list and anti-roll bar
  • LED vertical lights
  • expansion valve


  • additional shelves
  • shelfled lights, “white” or “meat”
  • doorframe lights, “meat”
  • horizontal light for the top of the unit “meat”
  • product baskets and dividers
  • spike rails
  • RST internals
  • PVC bumper for the front of the unit
  • RST bumer for the front of the unit, round or square
  • mirror on the back wall of the unit
  • closed or mirrored ends