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Refrigerator Multicooler (NEW!)

A very spacious and multi-purpose refrigerator with a convenient separate product rack equipped with wheels, which speeds up and facilitates product shelving. Cabinets can be connected to each other without partitions to form a larger whole. 137 cm cabinet size designed for one euro pallet / two half pallets. Available in several different colors and sizes! The cassette mechanism facilitates cleaning and maintenance of the device when necessary. The cabinets are delivered without a base level, which brings about 20% more volume, installation directly on the floor surface.

Standard equipment

  • panorama hinged glass doors
  • cassette machine
  • closed ends
  • adjustable shelf(s)
  • price list(s)
  • horizontal led light
  • upright led lights
  • led advertising light
  • electronic controller


  • branding
  • extra shelves
  • product rack on wheels