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Cold shelf Optimer LG

One of the most energy-efficient plug-in cold shelves in our range with glass doors. The low bottom edge of the cold shelf brings plenty of cold space to the cold shelf. Refrigerator doors designed for maximum product visibility, with a gentle cantilever. Efficient vertical and horizontal LED lighting for the products.

Cold shelf widths as 1-4 door frames that can be combined into lines. The Optimer refrigerated shelf with doors will be used to build an integrated and energy-efficient plug-in refrigeration line for the store in combination with Optimer L open refrigerated shelf and freezer Velando.

Standard equipment

  • electronic controller
  • glass ends
  • LED top horizontal light
  • LED vertical lights in the door frame
  • 5 adjustable shelves with price lists
  • electric defrosting and evaporation of condensed water
  • energy saving fans
  • hinged glass doors


  • spike rail