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Refrigerator Celit MDC 200-60/87/120 PRO G

Stylish plug-in refrigerator set from a domestic manufacturer. The glass ends give the products excellent additional visibility. High-quality refrigerator refrigerator as a shelf end furniture for food and beverages.

The unit is available in two different standard neon advertising films, which are delivered with the unit to suit the customer’s product group. When ordering, please remember to mention the illuminated advertising film you want when ordering. We can also make the material with the customer’s own material. Ask for a quote!

Note! The series will be expanded during 2023. Also available in 40 cm width in the future.

Standard equipment

  • glass ends
  • panoramic doors
  • 5 adjustable wire shelves
  • 2-sided LED vertical lighting
  • stylish flat advertising light with LED lights
  • electronic thermostat
  • cassette mechanism, service door in front of the cabinet
  • wheels under the unit
  • exterior color black, interior color white or black


  • branding


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