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Cold shelf Areor ST

Plug-in cold shelf with transparent acrylic walls and glass shelves. Suitable for many applications due to the stable temperature, e.g. for the fruits and vegetables department, the entrance to the store and the proximity of the service line to delicacies. Easily transportable in the store with wheels according to the season. Due to its light construction and transparent surfaces, it is suitable as an impressive middle floor furniture and the units are used to build spectacular islands for the store. The Areor ST refrigeration unit combines the features of a cold shelf and a cold storage island.

Standard equipment

  • electronic controller
  • transparent acrylic walls
  • two fixed glass shelves
  • wheels under the unit
  • automatic defrost


  • front bumper
  • possibility to connect as an island either in parallel or backs to each other
  • dozers around the individual furniture as well as the island units