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Cold shelf Mia SQR

Plug-in, three-level open cold shelf for impulse sales. Energy efficient shelf with a stable temperature. The Mia cold shelf series can be used to build spectacular island ensembles with cold or neutral corner modules. An impressive three-tier also for temperature-sensitive foods such as sushi.

Standard equipment

  • electronic controller
  • electric defrosting
  • ends heat glass
  • 3 adjustable LED-lit shelves with price list
  • manual night curtain
  • temperature gauge


  • hinged doors for 0,9 and 1,2 m refrigerated shelves
  • “meat” led light at the top of the fixture
  • “meat” led lights for shelves
  • wheels
  • RST inserts
  • neutral corner pieces to the island complex
  • cold corner pieces to the island complex
  • back to back island installation kit