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Pickup Point S’Mart

With the S’Mart Pickup Point, you increase the level of service by offering your customers the opportunity to pick up pre-ordered purchases from cold and freezer lockers. The plug-in Pickup Point consists of 12 door modules (4 x freezer compartments and 8 x refrigerated compartments). The freezer compartments of the module are located vertically on the right side of the module as standard. By combining 12 door lockers, we build the Pickup Point that best serves your store.

The Pickup Point can be installed both inside and outside. The S’Mart Pickup Point is cost-effective and quick to install, and does not require a large space or a building permit. Durable aluminum doors complete the unit set.

Standard equipment

  • plug-in
  • 4 x freezer compartment 400 x 679 x 383
  • 8 x Cold compartment 400 x 679 x 383
  • the handiness of the door can be selected by module
  • S´Mart Service machines
  • maintenance-free condenser


  • labeling / branding
  • roof mounted LED light advertisement
  • roof cap for outdoor units
  • light advertising surface at the top
  • possibility to combine two small cold compartments into one large one


  • the desired number of 3 x 4 modules
  • the CPU module on which the application you use for the retrieval service is installed