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S’Mart Pick-up wall

Food Online Stores are growing in popularity and this demand is being met with the help of a pick-up wall installed in the store. The pick-up wall solution is installed in cold and freezer rooms, where food purchases are collected through the cold room to await the customer’s pick-up. Filling the empty compartments in the store goes smoothly when the next customer’s purchases can be pre-collected in the cold room. For the pick-up wall, you can choose the number of doors you need for cold and frozen products as well as neutral products sold at room temperature. The pick-up wall is a good choice for large drawer units and its high utilization rate. Ask for an offer for a pick-up wall unit that suits you!

Standard equipment

  • retrieval wall element
  • drawer door with modular dimensioning
  • guarantees a refillable tray for products
  • door manual selectable by module


  • S’Mart Trolley pickup cart to the bottom cabinet
  • labeling / branding
  • illuminated advertising surface at the top


  • the desired number of doors for cold and freezer rooms
  • the CPU module on which the application you use for the retrieval service is installed