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Multideck Aries 06 REM (NEW!)

Remote, half height glass-walled open cold shelf. The products have good visibility and can be displayed in a striking way. With products readily available, it is an excellent piece of furniture for take-away, for example. Available in three different lengths and can be linked together to form a longer set. This model is also available with a cooled 90 degree headboard! The unit comes standard with a so-called Smart Controller that allows you to easily adjust the operation of the unit, even with a mobile app.

A wide range of accessories are available for the unit.

Available for a wide range of refrigerant systems. More detailed technical information available separately.

Standard equipment

  • electronic intelligent regulator
  • PVC bumper for the front of the unit
  • two adjustable shelf levels
  • price rails
  • plexiglass on the front edge of the shelf
  • horizontal LED light at the top of the unit
  • manual night curtain
  • digital temperature display
  • expansion valve
  • electric defrosting


  • additional shelves
  • shelfled lights, “white” or “meat”
  • horizontal light for the top of the unit “red”
  • product baskets and dividers
  • spike rails
  • RST internals
  • RST bumper for the front of the unit, round or square
  • mirror on the back wall of the unit
  • mirror ends
  • 90 degree chilled headboard